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Season Opener: Team Green and ResurGents triumph

“Athens has been home to a nationally ranked women’s flat track roller derby team for more than a decade. The Classic City Rollergirls reflect the wildly eclectic and hopelessly transient nature of our town, as women from all walks of life come and (in most cases, eventually) go — making the sustained popularity, competitiveness, and professionalism of the squad all the more impressive.

The skaters, coaches and officials are all unpaid volunteers with a passion for the sport and spirited DIY ethos. Sleeves are generally rolled. Long hours and tireless effort are made worth it when skaters strap on helmets and go toe stop to toe stop with the opposition on bout day.

CCRG opened the 2017 season with a bone-rattling doubleheader…”

Be sure to check out the full write-up by Flagpole for more details and pictures!

Photo by Joshua L. Jones and article by David Eduardo for Flagpole.