Derby 101

The JAMMER wears a helmet cover with a star. This is the “speed” skater who scores points by passing opponents in-bounds.

The LEAD JAMMER is the first jammer to break through the pack without stepping out of bounds or earning a penalty. She may strategically call off the jam before the two-minute time limit by placing her hands on her hips. The lead jammer will often call off the jam to prevent the opposing jammer from scoring points.

The PIVOT wears a helmet cover with a single thick stripe. They are the pacesetters at the front of the pack and the last line of defense. Pivots are the team leaders, responsible for calling out plays at a moment’s notice. Occasionally, pivots can even take over the jammer position – a sneaky strategy play!

BLOCKERS do not wear any special helmet cover. Blockers play a vital defensive role, helping their jammer get through the pack while simultaneously working together to block the opposing team’s jammer.

The PACK consists of one pivot and three blockers from each team skating together in a tight pack that is continuously lapped by the jammers. Blockers more than 20 feet outside the pack cannot legally block or assist another skater.

Now it’s BOUT TIME! Bouts consist of two 30-minute periods. There are unlimited ‘jams’ per period. A jam lasts 2 minutes UNLESS the lead jammer calls it off early or refs call it off due to an injury or skate equipment failure.

A whistle from the refs starts a JAM. On the whistle, the jammers take off into the pack of blockers. They dodge and block their way through the pack on their INITIAL PASS. Jammers do NOT score points their first time through the pack. They are fighting for Lead Jammer position!

After completing their initial pass, the jammers race around the track and attempt to break through the pack again on a SCORING PASS. The jammers score one point for each opponent they pass legally. Typically, this means a possibility of 4 points per pass through the pack. But if a jammer laps the opposing team’s jammer, she scores an extra point for a Grand Slam! Jammers also score points for players in the penalty box or out of play. This continues for two minutes, or until the the Lead Jammer calls off the jam.

Skaters serve 30 seconds in the PENALTY BOX for any instance of illegal or dangerous play. A skater fouls out for the period if she goes to the penalty box seven times.

When both jammers are sent to the penalty box, the first jammer sent to the box will be released and the second jammer will serve an equal amount of time already served by the first jammer. This ensures that a point-scoring skater is always on the track during the jam!


  • Blocking from behind (back blocking)
  • Blocking below the knee or tripping
  • Using hands, forearms, or elbows to block
  • Cutting the track (skating out of bounds around opponents)
  • Blocking opponents out of bounds
  • Blocking opponents more than 20ft outside the pack
  • Skating clockwise to block