CCRG vs. Chattanooga Roller Girls

CCRG vs. Chattanooga Roller Girls

Come pack out The Classic Center Arena as your hometown heroes take on the Chattanooga Roller Girls, Saturday, April 19!

We’ll be burning up the track in full 360 degree view as you are seated comfortably in fancy new telescopic bleacher seating (that’s right, there will be bleachers)! We can’t wait to see you there as this bout promises to be a close one!

Saturday, April 19
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Bout starts at 7:00 p.m.

The Classic Center
(Beautiful downtown Athens)
300 N. Thomas Street
Athens, GA 30601

Tickets are $12 in advance, $14 at the door and may be purchased online here.

A percentage of this bouts ticket sales benefits the Jeannettte Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to low-income women 35 years and older for the completion of secondary education.

CCRG vs. FMDG Palm City Punishers

CCRG, in need of a beach vacation, took a short leave from the Classic City on March 29 and made the trek down to Fort Myers, Fla. to take on the Fort Myers Derby Girls’ Palm City Punishers.

While CCRG fought valiantly, FMDG, a strong Division Two team, took the lead early on and maintained a healthy point spread throughout the bout. CCRG, not a league to squander an opportunity, counts this bout as an awesome learning experience bringing home new strategy and technique to employ in upcoming bouts. Redemption was found at the afterparty where CCRG clearly was the winner.

MVP Blocker – Super Smash Fro
MVP Jammer – Human Missile Crisis

The 2nd Annual Green vs. Black

January 18, 2014

The annual Green v. Black is a new tradition for the Classic City Rollergirls, but it is a tradition that both the rollergirls and their fans have quickly embraced. The Green v. Black is an opportunity for all of the Classic City Rollergirls to exhibit their glittering face paint, their new boutfits, and their finely-honed skills on the track. And, where would be a better venue to showcase the Classic City Rollergirls than their new home The Classic Center? Over 1,000 fans filled the Classic Center to experience the entire Classic City Rollergirls roster duke it out for the Parthenos, the Green v. Black trophy.

Team Green and Black quickly took the line, sizing each other up while waiting for the five-second warning from the Jam-Timer TrogDora the Jaminator. Five. Four. Three. Two. One! And, the girls dashed down the track, skating for position and perforating the pack with holes for their respective jammers. The first period started as a tug-a-war with neither Black nor Green maintaining a point lead for long. But, with power jam after power jam, the ladies in green quickly dominated the scoreboard. The halftime score put Green Team comfortably ahead of Black, 107 to 40. At the beginning of the second period, Team Black hit the track with a griping determination to end Green Team’s momentum. Blockers exchanged hit after hit as Jammers flew around the track with a ferocious rapidity; their wheels sang through the turns as they jockeyed for lead jammer. While Team Black closed the score gap, they continued to struggle with penalties, giving Green more power jam opportunities. As the period clock timed out, Green held their lead over Black, 188 to 112. On Green Team, Super Smash Fro was voted the MVP Blocker, Louis Strongarm the MVP Jammer. On Black Team, AmyTville earned the MVP Blocker plaque, Tina Slay the MVP Jammer. While Green Team secured the Parthenos, the Classic City Rollergirls experienced their first win in the Classic Center. Every rollergirl, Green and Black, skated together as one team during the victory lap. The fans cheered while the Classic City Rollergirls chanted:

“United we skate! Divided they fall! CCRG! CCRG! CCRG!”

Work Hard, Play Harder!

CCRG 3 Day Bootcamp – January 27, 29 and February 2

CCRG 3 Day Bootcamp - January 27, 29 and February 2

You’ve been to a roller derby bout and thought, “I can do that.” You’re looking for a fun, new sport that puts you hip to hip with the coolest girls in town. You’ve always wanted to participate in a full contact sport and unleash your pent up aggression. Do you love to skate as much as we do? Sounds like you would be interested in waging war on wheels with the Classic City Rollergirls!

CCRG is holding a three-day bootcamp (January 27th, 5:30–9:00pm, January 29th, 6:30-9:00pm and February 2nd, 8:30am-12:00pm) that will culminate with assessments on Sunday, February 2nd at Fun Galaxy skating rink at 3030 Cherokee Road, Athens, Georgia.

With a $10 refundable deposit, you can borrow loaner gear that includes everything you’ll need (with the exception of mouthguards) from us. Speed skates are available for rental at a cost of $3 per session. Mouthguards may be purchased at bootcamp for $2.

What a rollergirl needs
mouth guard
knee pads
elbow pads
wrist guards
water bottle
athletic clothing

For more information or if you have any questions, please email our recruitment head of skate, and we’ll be sure to get them answered. We also have information available on our Web forum where you can talk to other members of the league and introduce yourself before coming to bootcamp!

In the meantime, brush up on your skating skills and meet the rollergirls at open skates. Public skating times are held throughout the week at CCRG’s home rink, Fun Galaxy.

CCRG 2014 Season Opener – Green vs. Black

CCRG 2014 Season Opener – Green vs. Black

Join the Classic City Rollergirls as we burn up the flat track at The Classic Center in our 2014 Green and Black season opener!

This exhibition bout is our first at The Classic Center and will pit CCRG against CCRG! Welcome your favorite veteran skaters back to the track and meet our newest bouting rollergirls!

January 18, 2014
Doors open at 6 pm
Bout starts at 7 pm

The Classic Center
300 N. Thomas St.
(Downtown Athens)

May be purchased online or at The Classic Center’s box office.

So who will you choose, Team Green or Team Black? Come make history with CCRG as we bout for the first time in beautiful downtown Athens!

A portion of all ticket sales will benefit the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, a collaborative committed to creating innovative approaches that advance life-changing results for Georgia’s at risk youth and families.

Purchase Tickets

Join us at the Classic Center on April 19th, as the Classic City Roller Girls skate against the Chattanooga Roller Girls. Tickets are available at the Classic Center ticket office or online at

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